Love Harder

Today I am grateful for the filling out of our trees with leaves, and for my sense of hearing. What gifts my senses bring to me when I pause to notice.

After my post yesterday on "Keep on Loving," this quote was in my email inbox from

"When it gets harder to love, let's love harder." (Van Jones)

We have all been there. Our feelings are hurt by others. Or we have just done a number on ourselves with our negative thinking and overthinking.

Redoubling the effort to show compassion to others and ourselves, even when we aren't yet feeling it in our hearts, does make a difference.

Tolerance and acceptance are great companions to love. I will carry all into my day today.

I am taking a blog break and will be back writing early next week. Have a good weekend!


  1. I received the same message and felt I too needed to carry it with me. Have a good weekend. I miss you when you aren't there.

    1. Thanks Lana! I so appreciate the connection we have via our shared gratitude.


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