A New Address

Today I am grateful for safe travels this weekend and for the way phone calls can connect us with others across the miles.

My stepson Arthur and his wife Alyssa have a new home with a new address, in a new state, in a new community, with new jobs awaiting and a new baby coming in August. That is a lot of new and a lot of excitement.

We appreciated the opportunity to travel this weekend to see their home and community and start getting to know the area. A new address looks easy on paper, but takes a lot of work. We were glad to help with some of that for a couple of days.

I appreciate the physical capabilities that allowed us all to do a wide variety of tasks. I enjoyed seeing the progress being made. It is always gratifying. It was nice to have a sense of teamwork and collaboration as well.

A fresh start is full of excitement and some fears too for sure. Anytime we stretch beyond the familiar, we are apt to grow and learn.

Gratitude practice provides a fresh start each day, if I am mindfully present and pause to experience the gratefulness right here, right now. It's like a new address in my mind, so I don't get stuck in a rut.