Revving, Idling, or Humming?

Today I am grateful for the ease of electricity to use as I started my day by turning lights on and making coffee. I am also grateful for the peace that silence can bring.

Yesterday morning I woke up too early with too much already on my mind. I was clearly restless and discontent as I headed out the door for work. My husband Darcy can confirm this. He heard and saw me in action. I knew I was setting myself up for a rough day if I continued on that path.

I usually begin my commute with several minutes of quiet time. I don't turn the radio on until I get to a certain road. It ends up being 8-10 minutes of quiet. I do the same thing on my way home. It's a good practice for me and very helpful. It is also time I can spend doing a gratitude list or other reflections.

With my frame of mind yesterday morning, I decided to drive in silence for my whole commute. Silence is indeed golden, and necessary. Thirty minutes of quietude to help quiet my overthinking and overactive brain brought me back to a better starting point for the busy workday ahead.

As I took an off-ramp and headed onto the freeway, the quiet allowed me to better hear my car's engine. It was revving a little as it got up to speed.

Engines shouldn't rev too much though, and neither should brains. Sometimes it takes periods of idleness to get the head and heart back to the nice flow of a humming engine working smoothly at a safe and sane pace.

Today I will check in with my own thoughts to see if I am revving less, idling more, and humming smoothly.