Keep on Loving

Today I am grateful for the love that I feel in my life, and for the easy and tasty overnight oatmeal Darcy and I had for breakfast.

Love. All we need is love. Keep on loving. Love is all around. Love takes two. Love takes time.
Love matters. Love heals. And on and on . . .

I am so grateful for the love of many others in my life, and for the self-love that has transformed me in my adult life, though the work of daily recovery from alcoholism and regular gratitude practice. I am deeply appreciative of the love of my husband Darcy and how our marriage has evolved and strengthened over the last 19 years.

Love from others, from an ever-compassionate Great Spirit, and that growing self-love have helped me through difficult times, and helped me soar to new heights.

People I love are facing true challenges, real tragedies, this very day. Let's keep on loving one another and sending the positive energy of love out in to the world around us. It does make a difference. It does heal and transform.