A Good Realization

Today I am grateful for the convenience of cereal for breakfast and the predictability of our dog Oliver when we spend early mornings together.

A week off from work last week was appreciated and enjoyed, and part of me wasn't ready to head back to work yesterday. But part of me was. I like routine. And the rest of the family was in their usual routine, so it was time for me to get back to mine as well.

I was struck by a good realization. My job is gratifying. It can be challenging and hectic, and it can leave me exhausted. But it is also rewarding and even fun. The week away helped me regain some perspective, including this one:  I appreciate my job and believe I am effective at what I do.

No two days are alike at work. There are both blessings and frustrations that come with being at the same job for almost seventeen years, but the blessings outweigh the frustrations.

It's a good realization to keep rediscovering job satisfaction. It can seem fleeting on some days though, when emails, phone calls, deadlines, and issues to be addressed send the satisfaction flitting away, replaced by a frenetic pace. As long as every day doesn't become like this, I plan to keep on keeping on, to keep giving my job my best effort and attitude.


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