Caution: The Moving Walkway Is Ending

Today I am grateful for a nice birthday for my husband Darcy and for poetry and what it brings to my life, as well as what it takes from it.

I arrived early at Midway Airport in Chicago the other day for my return flight home. I walked around, spent a little time in the Chapel, journaled, read some poems, walked some more. I sat down for a break and a muffin at one point and realized I was too close to the repeating sound of the automated message "Caution: moving walkway is ending."

It started to get annoying, but I quickly concluded I had very little to be annoyed about. Annoyed was replaced by some gratefulness.

I can walk on my own. I appreciate the moving walkway when I am in a hurry. I could hear the message, which was being provided for my safety and the safety of others.

I thought about the move from one state to another that my stepson and his wife made this week.
Lots of excitement and new territory, literally and figuratively speaking.

I pondered the depth of pain and the moving emotions I had just witnessed in the aftermath of a tragic death. Some endings come far too soon.

Caution: Life is precious and fragile. Appreciate each day and each person in it.

Have a nice Easter weekend. I will be taking another blog break until early next week.