Feeding Hope

Today I am grateful for recovery and the others who support me in our daily efforts to address a daily disease. I am also grateful for a good job opportunity for our son Sam.

I have several people I am keeping in my thoughts and prayers today for many reasons. I appreciate the grace that grants me strength and clarity to be of support to others.

It has been a tough stretch lately, with tragic deaths and difficult challenges facing people I care about. If I was still a drinker, I would no doubt be drinking. Very painful and devastating things are happening to people I know and love. Plenty to drink at.

But drinking doesn't help. It hinders and it dulls, only making matters worse.

I wrote this down a couple weeks ago as I pondered recovery from alcoholism:

"Drinking fed my hopelessness. Recovery feeds my hope."

And there is hope, even in the darkest times.

Gratitude practice feeds my hope as well. It allows me to see that there is much good in the world, even amidst the struggles. It allows me to feel the love and support of others and to extend the same to them.

Feed some hope today by extending appreciation to others and to positive happenings that are
going on. Feeding hope brings more of it.