Today I am grateful for legs and arms that allow me to do so many different activities. I am also grateful for the beautiful weather that fell on a weekend so we have more time to enjoy it.

One of the activities I most enjoy with my working limbs is running. Yesterday on our run, Darcy and I took in the stunning early morning scenery on a newer stretch of trail near here. I paused to catch the view from an overlook along the trail and here is what awaited me:

Pristine. That's the word that came immediately to mind. The new morning and the untouched surface of Spring Lake along the Mississippi River. It was calming to see in person and the picture is still bringing me peace as I sit here and look at it.

Pristine. Fresh greenery in the leaves and plants emerging after their winter's rest. It is one of the things I love most about spring--the rebirth and transformation of life most evident in the green grass and leaves.

Pristine. Each day starts the same way. Fresh. New. Untouched. I have some say in where it goes from there. My attitude and my actions can either mesh well or mesh poorly with the day's unfolding.
They tend to mesh so much better when mindful gratitude is included in my start.

Enjoy the newness of today. 


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