God's Curriculum

Today I am grateful for a successful mock crash and speaker event at my school yesterday, that the weather held for us, and for the many people who pitched in to make it possible.

I am also grateful for this quote:

"Everybody is unique. Do not compare yourself with anybody else lest you spoil God's curriculum."
Baal Shem Tov

Celebrate uniqueness and that no one else on earth is exactly like another person. Our differences make us each special and worthy of honor and dignity. Stop the comparing. Young people do it. Adults do it. Social media feeds it. Stop. Pause. Celebrate you and me. Celebrate the variety of people we each know. 

Too much comparing and everyone comes up short in one way or another. You are enough as you are. I am enough as I am. Just for this moment. Just for today. That is what God or the Great Spirit wishes for us.

I love the idea of "God's curriculum." Call it Higher Power, Supreme Being, whatever you wish. The important part for me is to acknowledge that in life I am the student far more than I am the teacher. I need a curriculum to follow that is better than any curriculum I could write. 

My humanness gets in the way of good lesson plans. If I step back and approach today with an open mind and heart, willing to do the footwork, it is amazing what I learn. If I relinquish my need for control, and make my learning objective acceptance instead, more is revealed as needed. 

We are all students of life. Let's see what today has to teach us.


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