Short but Sweet

Today I am grateful for my sense of smell and how it helps me appreciate the changing seasons.

I am also grateful to my sister Zita and the nice visit we have had. She came up yesterday afternoon to watch Sam play football, and we appreciate her taking the time. We were treated to a wonderful weather afternoon, a pretty exciting game, and a victory for Sam's team.

It was the final game of his freshman season and they got to play it on the varsity field in our community's historic stadium.  It was an added treat to have nearby parking, stadium seating, and a working scoreboard.

It was nice having Zita visit, as a visitor always helps take my mind off the work and home "stuff" that might weigh on me otherwise.  A little break from all of that can go a long way.

After an enjoyable game, we enjoyed some pleasant eating, a favorite pastime with visitors.

It was a nice evening and we appreciate the driving you did and the time you took Zita. Thank you!


  1. Thanks for your ongoing reminders to focus on gratitude.

    1. My writing is my way of reminding myself as well. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. 😉


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