Today I am grateful for faith, family, and friends. All are so vital in my life.

Some flukes rolled with me through my day yesterday. Several of them happened at work. Things like not being able to get the wrapper off the cheese stick I was trying to make a quick snack of before scurrying off to the next task. I've had dozens and dozens of cheese sticks with no issue. Why today? Why when I was in a hurry? Because God has a sense of humor.

And then there was the student phone I confiscated, per our policy. It was far from a new phone, though I didn't look real closely at first. I was trying to make some deliveries of notes to other students first. During that process, the phone I had confiscated dropped to the floor. I wondered if some of the cracks it had had been caused by the drop.

I ended up having to go check with the student I had just taken it from, because I wanted to make sure I hadn't caused the harm. The student assured me it was already in that shape before I got it.  I kept the phone and assigned the detention, but I thought what a fluke that I had dropped it.

Cheese sticks and phones. Minor issues in the whole scheme of my day. Flukes to remind me that life is full of chances, and in those chances come opportunities to practice acceptance and gratitude.


  1. Like your last line - opportunities to practice acceptance and gratitude - rather than having hissy fits. Thank you!

    1. Although a good hissy fit from time to time might be warranted, it just doesn't seem to help as much as acceptance does. :-)


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