A Different Run

Today I am grateful for successful completion of marathon #14 for me, and for the many volunteers and support people who made the Mankato Marathon a well-run (pun intended) event.

This marathon was already setting up to be a different run. We had an exciting trip to look forward to last year along with our marathon weekend-a trip to Maine to run Mount Desert Island. Whatever we did this year would need to be closer to home, and somewhat low key. 

Darcy and I both had some nagging body aches and pains this year. He had more recent heel pain, and my right knee and a bunion on my right foot needed more frequent icing. Menopause has made an appearance for me, and for both of us it was mentally more challenging to stay motivated. Still our 20-mile training runs went well. 

Then, Darcy got sick on Friday; body aches and fever. Though he felt better Saturday morning, he got worse as the day went on. A trip to urgent care ruled out strep and the flu, and he thought he might try the 10K. Sunday morning he ruled that out too.

So it was a lonely wait at the start for me and the run just didn't feel the same. Even though Darcy and I hadn't planned to run the whole way together, it was different not having him out on the course too. I know how disappointed he was. I would feel the same way.

It was a tough run both physically and mentally for me, but I made it. I was thankful to see Darcy and Sam greeting me just before the finish. And so grateful to cross that finish line!

More on the experience of 26.2 miles, a step at a time, tomorrow.