Keep Remembering

Today I am grateful for a clean garage and a good run yesterday in the early morning solitude. I am also grateful for my dad.

Every October 23, I remember my dad. He died on October 23, 1998. It is hard to believe that is already 18 years ago.

I keep remembering so as to honor his life and legacy. I keep remembering to help pass on that legacy.

Some things I miss when I think of Dad:
-his striped bib overalls and the jokes he played on grandkids with the pockets in them
-his dry sense of humor and how he called our local paper, The Ossian Bee,"the stinger"
-the way he took chances on high bids in card games and relished in it when things went his way

Some things I continue to pass along, in his memory:
-the work ethic he managed to balance with taking time for things like church and visiting family
-keeping up on current events and being an informed citizen
-making sure ice cream gets enjoyed regularly(tough job but somebody's got to do it)

-that Dad died before my son Sam was born and they never got to talk about farming
-not calling Mom and Dad that Thursday night, 10/22/98 (I thought about it but decided to wait until the weekend, Dad died the next morning)

To keep remembering loved ones is to keep the love alive, and the memories fresh.


  1. Thank you for reminding me that Dad was one of a kind. I know that we all inherited our ice cream gene from him. Sometimes he would send me or another sibling into
    NicCandies to get him a giant soft serve .i am grateful for the memories

  2. Just like Roger was one of a kind. Memories can be both painful and joyful.
    Even at the same time. Gratitude softens the pain and heightens the joy.


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