Continuous Flow

Today I am grateful for my husband Darcy and the ways we understand each other. I am also grateful for others who share their thoughts and wisdom about gratitude.

I always perk up when the "Word for the Day" on is from Brother David Steindl-Rast, whose words you also see on the header of this blog.  Here are his words from yesterday:

"In the continuous flow of blessing, our heart finds meaning and rest."

Flowing water was already on my mind when I read this quote. I was thinking about Hurricane Matthew; the power it is carrying, and the devastation it is causing. I was also thinking how for many impacted by this current storm, clean water was already hard to come by. It will be moreso after the storm. 

And I have the luxury of going to any of several faucets in my home for safe and clean water.

"Gratitude Flow" is the name of my monthly column for our local newspaper. I just submitted column #44. I have enjoyed the writing for this, seeing it in the paper, and hearing from others who have appreciated reading it. I chose the name "Gratitude Flow" partly because we live in a river town, but also because I like the idea of keeping gratitude flowing in my own life, and in my heart and mind.

Which brings me back to Brother David's words. Blessings abound and can always be found. The flow truly is continuous. And when the gratitude is flowing, it is indeed easier to slow down and remember what really matters.

How can I add to the flow of gratitude in the world today rather than block it? 


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