More Reprieves to Appreciate

Today I am grateful for the sunrise I am enjoying from my recliner, and I am grateful to be part of our local breast cancer support group.

Earlier this month I wrote about reprieves. I am thinking about them again this morning. I am enjoying a couple days off from work after a very busy stretch. It is a much-needed break and one I have been looking forward to. Keeping reasonable expectations for this time off will be key to me enjoying it and getting rejuvenated.

I was reminded at last night's breast cancer support group meeting that I am deeply blessed to have the years of reprieve from cancer surgeries and treatment that I have had. I don't want to take my health for granted and I want to stay vigilant about what is going on in my body. Cancer is cunning and mysterious. It can return 2 years later, 5 years later, 12 years later, or with the woman I met last night, 17 years later.

I am thinking about my sister Danita and her grief process as the first anniversary of her husband Roger's death nears. Grief doesn't grant full reprieves it seems, but cherished memories can help.

Then there is the ongoing reprieve from my overactive brain. Too much thinking = too little peace.
To start my day with gratitude practice helps calm my mind and slow it down. It's a good start anyway.