Picking Up Sticks

Today I am grateful for an appreciation of time as I move through my days. I am also grateful for peanut butter.

After a busy day yesterday, with things just seeming off a bit, picking up sticks with our grandson Leo in our backyard was just what I needed last evening.

My work day started with opening my office and noticing that my wall clock had fallen on the floor. It was bent and not working. I wondered if it was a message for me about time and using it wisely or something along those lines. I thought of that old saying about "Even a broken clock is right twice a day."  Then I got caught up in meetings, seeing students, calling parents, talking to teachers, and another meeting.

By the time I left school I was desperate to get home and go for a run. I did get a couple miles in, and I also got time with Leo:

He loves to be outside and he's a good little helper. He rode along when I went to pick up Sam from football practice too while we waited for his mom. She had to work late.

Between the run and the time with Leo, I felt less off and more on. On to gratitude. On to putting work behind me for the day. That helps make me ready for this new day.