Effort-Persistent and Consistent

Today I am also grateful for the bike trails in our community and a bike ride with Darcy yesterday. I am also grateful for the sermon given by our priest Beth yesterday.

When I go to church on Sundays these days, I listen more intently to the sermons  than I ever used to in my younger days. (Sometimes in my younger days I was hungover and looking forward to the cold Mountain Dew I would stop and get after church.) Yesterday's sermon struck me in several ways, but the key was in the simple message of ongoing action and effort. Faith takes work. Saying thanks is important, but putting gratitude into action regularly is more important. 

Persistent and consistent. Even when tired. Even when feeling ungrateful or impatient. Even when things don't go the way hoped.

There is freedom in disciplined actions. It has been proven to me resoundingly that if I practice gratitude I create energy and a better perspective. Life still throws curve balls. Life can still be discouraging at times. But I handle it all better when mindfully present and living life by the inch rather than the yard.

Thanks Beth for some good reminders to keep plugging along, contributing in the ways I can each day.


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    1. Easier for me to start my day with this mindset, tougher to maintain it as the day goes on.


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