Endorphins and Leo

Today I am grateful for music and ears that work so I can hear the music. I am also grateful for the mood-boosting and calming effects of endorphins.

I have had a week of both before school and after school meetings or other things I needed to be at. So it was out the door of our house early each morning and back in the door later in the afternoon than I would care for it to be.  Good things are happening at work, and things are getting done, but still . . .

I need my time to myself and my outlets. Last evening presented just the right combination. I really felt like running. I needed to run.  Within minutes of getting home, I was back out the door and heading down the trail, first with Oliver and then solo. Some days after work it can be hard for me to muster the energy to regroup and get out running. On other days, I have an urge and a need to run that won't be denied. Last evening was the latter.

Then we got to spend some time with our grandson Leo while his mom Emily worked late. He and I ran around the backyard and played some peek-a-boo around the trees. Fresh fall air was good for both of us, and his laughter and simple joy relaxed and rejuvenated me.

Endorphins from the run and from the fun with Leo. A good combination.

Where do you get your free and effective endorphins from?