Today I am grateful for our local bakery and the treats we enjoy from there. I am also grateful for a beautiful fall day to enjoy yesterday in a variety of ways.

Last evening was a perfect evening for a fire in our fire pit. We had a busy day, the tiredness was settling in, and we almost ditched the idea. But the beautiful evening beckoned and I decided to get a fire started. The temperature was cooling off, but the fire made it comfortable in my shorts and t-shirt.

Darcy usually starts the fire but I did this time. Sometimes my fires are frustrating and need more tending than I care to give. Last night the fire fit the evening - it was just right. It burned long enough but not too long. Once started, it only needed a little more kindling and I could mostly just enjoy it.

Darcy joined me for a time and that is always nice, but I also appreciated some time to myself.

Watching a fire, one meant to be burning for function or pleasure, has always been mesmerizing to me. It relaxes me and gives me a dose of awe. 

The flames early on and then the glowing embers. The heat radiating and smoke rising. Mesmerizing. Oddly calming to this busy body brain of mine.

I think about the role of fire in the history of humankind. We have been mesmerized by it, and fortified by it, for a very long time.