A Loaded Month

Today I am grateful for co-workers I can laugh with and for ice cream with Darcy at our favorite local place.

October is a loaded month for me in many ways. It is definitely loaded at work with a variety of things on the schedule that demand my time and attention. It is personally a loaded month too.
As a non-pink ribbon breast cancer survivor, October (a.k.a. Pinktober) brings mixed emotions and some level of frustration.

Check out a previous post of mine here.  It is titled "Awareness? I'll Take Advocacy and Action."

My sister Danita just wrote a blog post of her own about this loaded month from her vantage point. I encourage you to read it here. It is titled "31 Days." The joys and sorrows of life are in it.

Our father also died in October, on October 23, 1998. I love that Danita calls him a "gentleman in overalls."  What a fitting description for him. I miss him still.

What would you add to this already-loaded month of highs and lows?


  1. Erv has his birthday on Halloween. We are so very fortunate to still have him with us.


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