Today I am grateful for a good weekend and a fresher perspective on my job to begin this week. I am also grateful for the reprieves given me and that I can seek for myself.

Reprieve is a word I appreciate and put into practice as a recovering alcoholic. Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic. It took me a long time to fully accept that. Today I have faith, and life experience to back it up, in knowing a day at a time I can find reprieve.

Reprieve is defined in a couple of ways:

-a cancellation or postponement of a punishment
-a temporary escape from an undesirable fate or unpleasant situation

Active alcoholism was brutal punishment. I haven't had a drink for quite some time, but I can still slip into alcoholic thinking and peace and perspective are lost.

I can protect myself from the battering of alcohol and alcoholic thinking with positive actions; like staying grateful, reaching out to others, making healthy physical and emotional choices. A reprieve doesn't just happen. I have to take daily actions to insure it.

But what about the many aspects of life that are beyond my control?  In big and small ways, I will find myself in unpleasant situations at times. That is life. The same tools I use to quiet my dearest alcoholic mind are applicable in any and all types of situations.

In what ways do you need to grant yourself or others a reprieve today?  


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