Paced by Grace

Today I am grateful for my recovery friends and the hard-earned wisdom and laughter shared among us. I am also grateful for a sense of calm that can be both felt and heard.

Yesterday morning as I prepared to head back to work after a few days off, and as my mind cranked up with work stuff, I paused to regroup and the word "grace" came through. Grace is a very comforting word to me. It feels like the presence of a Great Spirit, God, Higher Power, who is here and cares about me, about each of us.

And I don't need to earn grace. It is a gift freely given. What will I do with that gift?  Yesterday, I carried the word and the feeling with me. I wrote about it in an email to my sisters. I thought about the "grace" ring that is on my keychain, given by a friend who exudes grace. I put on a necklace that belonged to my Aunt Esther, a woman who always carried herself gracefully.

As I drove to work, the phrase "paced by grace" came into my mind. Paced by grace is far healthier and more sane than being paced by unrealistic expectations and an ever-growing "to do" list. That craziness can happen to me too easily, and I forget my priorities. Return to grace. Paced by grace. My day was busy, but not frenetic.

Then the zinger. I checked my emails, and after pondering "paced by grace" throughout my day, I opened an email from my sister who mentioned a book she had just heard about called The Pace of Grace.  I appreciate when the message comes through loud and clear. Thank you Great Spirit!

Today I will strive to continue the pace of grace.