Marathon Season

Today I am grateful for another nice fall evening fire in our fire pit and smores to go with it. I am also grateful for the yard work and clean up we got done yesterday-mostly Darcy's efforts.

October is marathon season. Fall is a great time to do a marathon; with summer to train, and the weather more likely to be cooperative. Today is the day for two well-known marathons in the Midwest-Chicago and Twin Cities. Tens of thousands of runners will start in downtown Chicago and Minneapolis. Some will be veterans, some will be rookies. Some will finish, some won't. All will have an experience that you only get when you toe the starting line for a 26.2 journey.

Both marathons hold pleasant memories for me. Chicago was our first in 2004. A first marathon experience can never be repeated. Twin Cities was our third, in 2006, and my fastest (4:15), even after cramping and having to walk for a mile.

Of our 13 marathons, we have run more in October than any other month, 7 for me and 6 for Darcy.

Marathon #14 is coming up for us. It is next Sunday in Mankato. It will be our third home state marathon. Besides the Twin Cities, we ran the Med-City in Rochester in 2011.

It has been a different year for both Darcy and I regarding our training, our aging bodies, and our mindset about this upcoming marathon. There have been both physical and mental challenges. 

A week out, I feel ready and my excitement is building. That is what matters now.  And that is what brings me deep gratitude.