Our Church By Chance, Then Choice

Today I am grateful for my working legs and arms as I walked Oliver this morning. I am also grateful for my husband Darcy and our marriage.

Yesterday we had a special service at our church. It included the celebration and commissioning of the newest shared ministry team members-Beth and Mary, both priests, and Darcy, a deacon. Ordination took place last year and earlier this year, but yesterday our bishop came to our church to make it all official.

I appreciate the efforts of Darcy and the others on the ministry team. They have dedicated many hours over many years to help our small Episcopalian parish keep moving forward. I also appreciate Bishop Brian Prior. He has a kind demeanor and an easy-going approach as he conducts a service and gives a sermon.

It brought me back to our decision to give this church a try 16 years ago. It had very little to do with the denomination. I was pretty much unfamiliar with the Episcopal Church. (It turns out that it is similar to the Catholic church of my upbringing, with some significant differences as well.)

It had more to do with location. It was within walking distance of our new home, so it was the first place we tried. We wanted to find a church that we both liked in this community we had just moved to.

We were welcomed and we stayed. Darcy got involved early on and has stepped that up even more in recent years. Sam was baptized and confirmed there and has been involved in Sunday School and youth group, as well as being an acolyte. Honestly, the guys spend more time there than I do.

I support Darcy in his dedicated service and I am thankful that Sam has been raised in a church that has given him a background in faith, fellowship, and service.  I pretty much just go to services from time to time.

I appreciate our church and the people in it. It was chance that brought us to this church, it is choice that keeps us coming back.