Practice for Progress

Today I am grateful for new recipes and old standbys. I am also grateful for those who organized and carried out a well-run wrestling tournament on Saturday.

As I completed the fifth alphabetical gratitude list I have done on this blog, I was reminded of the importance of practicing gratitude regularly. Anything worth doing well is worth practicing. Practice makes progress possible.

You won't, however, hear me say "practice makes perfect."  I am not going for perfection, I am going for daily acknowledgment of the blessings that enrich my life. I pursue peace and energy.

What gratitude practices help you? I started with a daily gratitude journal in 1995. I added this blog nearly five years ago. I do thank you notes, gratitude letters, A-Z lists, 3 x 3, and now text messages shared with recovery friends, and Facebook posts with others, like Steve Foran, striving for regular efforts to find gratefulness.

Action is required. And with actions, progress is pretty much guaranteed. With action, gratefulness is found, day after day, moment after moment.


  1. It is a practice. As I've studied the various gratitude practices it seems to me they boil down to 4 simple habits... and you practice them all Lisa.
    1) Make a list of what you're grateful for
    2) Read others gratitudes
    3) Share your gratitudes with others
    4) Say thank you

    What do you think?


    1. I think these 4 are right on the mark. They go together and when we do one of them it is likely to lead to the others. Keeping it simple is helpful.


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