Home: The Place

Today I am grateful for wisdom and experience gained that helps me keep my job in perspective. I am also grateful for the moon visible through a light fog this morning as I walked Oliver. 

Yesterday I wrote about going back home to where I grew up and the people there. Today, it's about the place home is. Here are some of the many things about this place and area that I appreciate:

*The farm sounds and smells.

*Young lambs to intrigue little visitors.

*Seeing the sun rise and set across the countryside. It's a different view of the horizon 
than what is seen in the city.

*A beautiful February weekend to invite us to sit outside.

*The quiet that can be experienced on the farm that just isn't going to happen where we live.

*More stars visible in the night sky.

*Kolaches, cinnamon rolls and omelet breakfasts.

*The familiar roads taking us to familiar places.

Familiar and friendly places and people are true blessings. 


  1. Brings me back home. I miss the quiet and beautiful scenery. The farm.

    1. It's always good to get back there. The quietude of the farm helps slow me down.


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