Pause. Pay Attention.

Today I am grateful for the power of gratitude shown to me time and time again. I am also grateful for the awe felt when pausing to notice the moon and stars in the pre-dawn sky as Oliver and I took our walk this morning.

The word pause has shown up in many of my blog posts, including in post titles. It shows up pretty frequently because it is pretty important in this mindfulness stuff. It starts with a pause, continues with a pause. A lot happens during a pause, and yet nothing happens. That is the precise point.

It comes around this time because it is part of today's Wellness Week theme at school. "Pause--pay attention to the here and now." I know I keep a pretty steady pace throughout the day, but I do manage to pause. This morning I paused to add to a gratitude list. I paused to feel the cold air on my face as I stepped outside.  I paused to pray. I paused to enjoy a bite of toast with peanut butter and jelly.

Pauses. If you think you don't have time for them, you do.  If you think they don't make a difference, they do.  You can try to prove these ideas wrong, but hopefully instead you will prove them right and add a few to your day.

Pause. Pay attention to the here and now.