Today I am grateful for timely pauses and clear thinking. I am also grateful for overnight oatmeal.

DAIRY is the word of the day. It is broadly defined as containing or made from milk. I have a strong connection to dairy products, and a deep love for them as well. I grew up on a dairy farm. Ours was a small operation, 30 cows and also chickens and pigs. We had fresh milk every day and what we sold helped make other dairy products available.

I love cheese and ice cream. And I mean love. Butter is an indulgence I allow myself. I regularly eat yogurt and cottage cheese and put milk on my cereal. I support dairy farmers pretty much daily.

Besides being friendly with dairy products, I was also friendly with the cows on our farm. Friendly enough to be in close proximity on a regular basis, as I did my part to help out with chores ranging from carrying pails of milk to the milk house to helping clean manure out of gutters in the barn. I still get sentimental, in a good way, when I smell that mix of hay, milk, and cows.

Today's dairy operations tend to be large and highly automated. I am grateful for the farm where I grew up. We learned the value of hard work, teamwork, and everyone doing their part. We gained a respect for nature and all living things.

Today, dairy products are on my menu. How about yours?


  1. Farm life is so healthy for us; to see where all our food comes from and realize God's extraordinary beauty in the life we have.

    1. It is a connection to and appreciation for nature that you can't get any other way. Thanks!


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