Troubles Transformed

Today I am grateful for opportunities to read my poetry to others yesterday, for a fun coffeehouse experience at my school last evening, and those who made it possible. I am also grateful for friends who put their trust in me.

Troubles. They can't be entirely avoided. But our actions and thoughts do impact if the troubles multiply or subside.

As Simone Weil notes in this quote, troubles can bring grace-driven transformation:

"We must not wish for the disappearance of our troubles, 
but for the grace to transform them."

Wishing our troubles away would be wasted energy. Working them away is possible. It requires, at least at times, working through some soul-searching and self-honesty. When I honestly search, I realize that many of my troubles are of my own making. Ouch, but true.

Ego, pride, and self-centered fear can all compound what may start as a legitimate problem or concern that needs to be addressed. 

It helps me to step back and seek perspective, to see a solution that my tunnel vision had excluded.
It helps to get myself out of the way. That is when the transforming power of grace has a chance to unfold.

Today I will look for opportunities to consider a difficulty I am facing, step back, and allow grace in. 


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