Today I am grateful for the soothing tick-tock of the clock I am listening to as I sit and watch the sunrise from my recliner. I am also grateful for visitors, blueberries, and laughter. 

We enjoyed our visit with my sister Leonice and sister-in-law Annie yesterday. They were enroute from the airport here down to family in Iowa. Thanks for swinging our way! It is always great to see you. 

Then we were enroute to a couple of shopping stops before heading to the middle school theater production at my school. The production was "Alice @Wonderland" and was entertaining and comical. Thank you to all who made it possible by participating and sharing their talents. 

These were physical destinations. Where am I enroute to in terms of my mental, emotional, and spiritual destinations? 

That is a larger question and one that I pursue daily with the help of healthy habits like writing, practicing gratitude, taking time to pause, prioritizing, setting goals, keeping expectations reasonable, and more. More would include seeking plenty of acceptance and also asking my Higher Power/Great Spirit for guidance. (When I try too hard to run the show it can get ugly and tense and peace goes out the window.)

Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual places aren't each separate destinations really, just different modes of transportation to help us reach the places we hope to reach. Isn't it nice to have different ways to get where we hope to go? Wearing out one avenue while ignoring others limits our view, while using all modes gives us more scenery to enjoy along the way.

Simply being enroute to the next minute and next hour helps slow me down and enjoy today's journey more.