Circling Back

Today I am grateful for a conversation with my friend Sheila and for time to work on my poetry and other writing pursuits. I am also grateful for the wisdom and experience shared by others in recovery.

Many destinations, many routes to get there. That is life. I have choices about where I want to go and how to get there. I have messed up often, gotten lost more than a few times, took longer than I had hoped at other times.

I have found new roads and helped build some too. I have had faith to know which way to go when I came to a fork in the road. I have had smooth travels on beautiful stretches of road after rough miles on rocky and treacherous terrain.

For nearly 5 years, my life's travels have played out and been chronicled on this blog. A few months ago I said I was going to cut back on posts and maybe circle back around to some of the 1500 + previous posts.

I have cut back a little (mainly on Saturday mornings when a run is typically on the schedule) and I have also put more time in to my second blog Late Bloomer and Slow Learner. I have many dreams and goals when it comes to my writing. Like daily gratitude practice, daily writing helps me focus. What that daily writing looks like is always evolving and may mean another day less of this blog so I can put more time elsewhere.

Regardless of how often I blog about gratitude, I practice it daily. That is what counts.

It is time to do more circling back to the earlier days of this blog and see what I have learned along the way, to see what has been taught to me by others and by the habitual practice itself.

Circling back to important life lessons and finding clarity in the actions that sustain us day-to-day is never wasted time. What will we each find when we do some circling back?  Let's go find out.


  1. I am grateful for every post. Circling back also honors what you have written... I bet you'll find new ideas or see new "things" in your writings.

    1. That is what I look forward to in this process--awakening to more newness, more fresh ideas or perspectives. Thanks Steve!


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