Home: The People

Today I am grateful for safe travels, beautiful February weather, and time with numerous family members over the weekend. I am also grateful for time with my friend Betsy and other friends yesterday. 

I appreciate when I go "home" to where I grew up. I enjoy spending time with family, being out on the farm, and getting away from my job and my own home. I love our house, but when I am here sooner or later all the things that need to be done start pulling on me. 

Time away, back to the area where I grew up, is always rejuvenating. First, because of the people.
Here are some of the reasons why people at home matter:

*Seeing nieces and nephews now with their own growing families. They have grown up to be some wonderful contributors to their own families and wider communities. 

*Always a little reminiscing seems to go on. 

*Everyone brings food and there is plenty to eat and enjoy sharing.

*Being with Mom to help celebrate her 86th birthday.

*To see the family resemblances in each generation.

*Laughter and smiles are fairly frequent.

*No one has been disowned or banished. That says a lot when this group now numbers over 100.
All are welcome. 

*Getting to spend time in conversation with Mom and her sister Helen.


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