A New Day Dawns

Today I am grateful for sharing an interesting evening with an author and dozens of other women.
I am also grateful for the freshness of a new day, the opportunity to begin it with a clean slate.

A new day dawns. I appreciate the opportunity. Yesterday was an off day for me. A main contributing factor was the hormonal fluctuations of perimenopause. It is what it is. It's not an excuse, it's a reality.
I felt edgier, with a shorter emotional fuse. Less tolerant, more agitated. Off.

I made it through the day without major incident. Those around me likely noticed, as I am usually pretty upbeat and even-keeled. But we all have days like this. Let's cut ourselves and one another some slack. The hormones that allow women's bodies to do some amazing things also wreak a little havoc now and then. Not an excuse, a reality. It bears repeating.

Putting the day to rest and waking up to a new day, a fresh start, is an ongoing source of gratitude for me. For some, yesterday was the last day they woke up.

I am here, greeting this day, forgiving myself for yesterday's "itchy, scratchy" moments as my friend Jill refers to them. I am here. Grateful. Mindful. Ready to head into a day of opportunities.


  1. Thank God yesterday is just that, yesterday! We don't need to drag it into today and keep going on yesterdays " itchy, scratchy" feeling.

  2. Grateful, mindful -that will be my mantram for today -thanks!


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