Can it be this simple?

Today I am grateful for professionals who adeptly share their expertise. I am also grateful for the continuous source of hope and energy I get from practicing gratitude.

I find myself discouraged at times. Discouraged about personal goals that sometimes seem unattainable. Discouraged and jaded by my job in a field that is as challenging as it is rewarding.
Discouraged about the future of our country, our society, our culture; especially with some of the trends that are carrying us along.

The feeling of discouragement doesn't linger for long. Sometimes I vent to people I trust. Sometimes I go for a run. Sometimes I eat a pint of ice cream. Always, I write. Always, I practice gratitude. Even on days when I may not feel very grateful.

More and more, as I listen to news and hear others talk about their discouragement, I think to myself this "What if?": "What if everyone simply focused on being kind and respectful to each person they encountered in their day? What if that lessened the negativity floating around and getting absorbed by too many of us? What if it could be this simple?"

Too many people have become disillusioned and disengaged. In their own lives, wider communities, and the global community. They erroneously believe their one voice, one vote, one contribution isn't enough to matter, to make a difference. So they do nothing and feel worse in the process.

Every person matters. Every positive effort makes a difference and then some. And while we are it, let's not forget this crucial piece: One of the people we most need to be kind and respectful to is OURSELVES.

Gratitude practice helps create a culture of kindness and respect at the true grassroots level--with each of us individually. And it then empowers and engages us to contribute to the larger stream of life in positive ways. Less negativity. Less divisiveness. Less discouragement.

Can it be this simple? I believe it can be. Let's find out by trying.


  1. Yes it is that simple Lisa and I'm with you. Each of us has the power to change the world around us and gratitude is the fuel we need to do so.


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