Seasons Winding Down

Today I am grateful for our son Sam's wrestling coaches and teammates and the experiences he has had this season. I am also grateful for all the seasons of life, sports and other.

Sam is wrapping up his first season of high school wrestling, and his fourth overall. Yesterday, he hit a high note by winning the JV conference title at his weight. He had three solid matches, pinning all three of his opponents. The thrill of victory was his, and he relished it.

But one thing I really appreciate about my son is that he is always able to keep things in perspective pretty well. Sure, he shows frustration at times, but in general he moves on from a match, win or lose, pretty quickly. He's got some of my competitiveness, and gets emotional, but definitely keeps it more even-keeled than I did at his age.

Just like nature's seasons, some sports' seasons end sooner than preferred. Others get long. And some are just right. I think Sam would say this wrestling season has been just right. 

Our winter has been typical and the extremes have been short-lived. We are in the midst of a thaw now, and coupled with longer daylight, I am getting a touch of spring fever. My goal remains, however, to stay in today. Just for today. To live fully and mindfully.