Today I am grateful for a productive work week. Exhausting, but in a good way. I am also grateful for
Arthur and Emily, my stepchildren, and all they bring to our lives.

BEACHES came to mind when I was considering words that start with "b." My favorite ones have been the cooler and more rugged beaches of the Pacific Ocean along the Oregon Coast and the Atlantic Ocean on the coast of Maine.

The oceans are amazing and awe-inspiring. Being able to walk along their beaches; hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling, and seeing the tide coming in and receding is a calming thing for me.

I have had only limited opportunities to take in oceanside views, as I grew up and continue to live in states in the middle of the country that are mostly landlocked.  I have appreciated the beaches of lakes along the way too.

I have not witnessed a beach after a hurricane or tsunami has roared through. Beaches aren't always inviting. Just like our lives, they are subject to ebbs and flows, some rather unsettling. But they return to equilibrium, and so can our lives. With mindfulness. With grateful pauses.