Truth and Reasoning

Today I am grateful for a chance to walk and talk with my friend Dorothy yesterday afternoon. I am also grateful for my ability to hear the music I most enjoy.

Wellness Week winds down at school today with this theme: "Balance--Truth and reasoning are mindfulness in action."

The truth is, balance is something I do well on some days. Not so much on other days. Wellness is overall health in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms. Balance means action in each of these areas. I definitely have practices that compliment one another across the four realms. Running, writing, and gratitude practice are all good examples.

But some days I tilt off balance because I don't take time for one area, or I simply overextend myself.
Even if for good reasons, overdoing is overdoing and leads to lack of balance. Lack of balance is lack of peace. Lack of peace is lack of mindfulness.

So I seek progress not perfection. Practice makes progress possible. Today, I will seek my truth and be reasonable with my expectations of self and others. Mindfulness in action isn't always about action. Sometimes it is about no action. Pauses. Presence.

I will be taking a blog break for a few days. Enjoy your weekend!