Today I am grateful for the wisdom found in a group gathered together for a shared purpose. I am also grateful for my father and the life he had.

I always think of Dad today, his birthday. He was a good man in so many ways and I am grateful I got to have him in my life for 33 years. He lives on in me and many others in a variety of ways.

As I started to circle back to my earlier blog posts, the very first word in the title of my very first post grabbed my attention: welcome. Welcome to Habitual Gratitude is the post that started it all on March 27, 2012. Welcome is such a nice word, an inviting mindset.

Welcome. Today, I welcome memories of my father. I welcome gratefulness in and push negativity out. I welcome the newness and opportunity of this day. I welcome chances to interact with others in positive and meaningful ways.

Welcome. When I practice gratitude habitually, I welcome into my mind healthier thoughts and a better perception of myself and those around me. My heart and soul follow, and I have a day where I do more contributing and less contaminating.

Welcome. Let's welcome mindful gratitude today, share it with others, and see where it takes us.