Frenetic or Friendly?

Today I am grateful for the convenience and sweetness of bananas and for opportunities to learn more about slowing down and taking care of myself.

I tend to have a lot of energy, but I also tend to have an unreasonable set of expectations for my days, both at home and at work. Frenzied and frenetic describes my pace too often. That squeezes the joy out of me and I forget to savor moments. I also become exhausted and that leads to touchier emotions.

So I am a work in progress when it comes to allowing myself a friendlier, less frenetic pace. Friendlier to myself and friendlier to those around me.

I don't write about my job on this blog much, but this week there is a natural connection. (I will say that this blog and the gratitude practice it enhances help me be a more effective counselor and co-worker.) We are having our annual Wellness Week at school this week. A group I co-advise has organized the week and will be carrying out various activities. That means a busy time for me.

I am excited about this year's theme and energized by the possibilities. Our overall theme is "Mindfulness Matters."  Mindfulness is briefly defined as moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment. I like to call it being present in the here and now.

The idea of mindfulness and the practices that promote it have been around a long time. Our modern times and fast-paced world seem to be creating a greater need for it though. Our young people are growing up in a culture that leaves them spinning if they don't know how to slow down.

Each day this week has a theme as well. Today's is "Calm: Let go. Just breathe."

If I keep those suggestions in mind, I will have a friendlier and less frenetic day. I wish you the same.


  1. Love the "Mindfulness Matters."
    Today: Calm: Let go. Just breathe.


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