What I don't have that I don't want

Today I am grateful for my glasses and how they help me see better. I am also grateful for how pausing in prayer and reflection also helps me see more clearly. 

What I don't have that I don't want. This is a source of gratitude not always considered. 

We probably all spend some time wishing for things we want but don't have. But regular gratitude practice helps minimize how much time I spend wanting new stuff. If I fully appreciate what I have, I don't feel like I am missing out. 

Sure, I would like a master bedroom with an attached bathroom. But I am grateful for the nice bedroom we have and the full bathroom just steps away. Come to think of it, I'm grateful for a spacious and stable roof over our heads, electricity, and running water. And my husband Darcy who I wake up next to each morning. 

There's a flip side to this too. I can also be grateful to not have things I don't want. I am grateful I don't have chronic pain, money problems, injuries that would keep me from running, an active addiction, food allergies, or family members who have disowned me.

When I start complaining about what I don't have that I wish I did, I am reminded to pause in gratitude for that which I do have. And also for that which I don't have and am glad I don't. 


  1. You really nailed it on this one. My early years were spent without running water, bathroom etc. My grandparents didn't have electricity until I was older, and a long time later running water. I have no complaints about the location of our bathrooms. And for the things I don't want - yes. At my age I can still do a lot of things, get around well. I am grateful.

    1. "I am grateful." That says it all. It's all about perspective and only life's experiences can give us perspective. Thanks Lana!

  2. Interesting observation in this post Lisa. I hadn't thought of this perspective before. Thanks.

    1. There are many angles to consider gratitude from. They each help grow gratefulness. This is one I try to bring back around from time to time. Thanks Steve!


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