A Freeing Vulnerability

Today I am grateful for every poem I have ever written. I am also grateful for each person who listened to me as I read some of my poems this week.

A special thank you to my friends Claire and Dorothy and Harvey. They came to our local open mic poetry reading last evening to hear me and three others read some of our words, our stories, struggles, and emotions.

It is a vulnerable thing to do: share your heartfelt poetry in a public setting. We were a small group last evening, but it is still a push to put myself out there like that. I find it to be a freeing vulnerability.

Vulnerability gets a bad rap much of the time. It is likened to weakness or putting ourselves in danger. That is only one definition. I prefer the meaning that encompasses being open and willing to learn and grow. This is the kind of vulnerability I feel when I read my poetry to others. This week that was everyone from my husband, to co-workers, my son, and those in attendance last evening.

This is the vulnerability that is freeing and invigorating. I feel most alive at some of my most vulnerable moments. It takes courage to open ourselves up like this, but it makes all the difference between living life fully or only partially.

I choose living fully today. I choose a freeing openness. I choose healthy vulnerability.


  1. Vulnerable is just being who you are; God given gifts that reflect the whole person. When I am open, no one can pick on me because this is who I am, like it or not, nothing more or nothing less.

    1. Who I am. Nothing more and nothing less. I like this definition of vulnerable. Thanks!


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