Mobile Appreciation

Today I am grateful for a good run yesterday in the chilly March air, and for a group effort to clean the house and make, share, and clean up after a nice meal.

Mobile appreciation carries several meanings for me. I first think of gratitude on the go. Walking and running are moving meditation, mindfulness, and gratitude practice all at the same time. I can do an A-Z list while I run, or say some prayers for others as I walk. I can absorb nature's awe and beauty as I move along, stride by stride. Part of my appreciation is for the body I have that allows this kind of mobility.

I can do all of these same methods of mobile appreciation as I commute to work or take other driving jaunts. Nature can still be appreciated out the windows. Add the sound of music on the radio and gratefulness for a car that works well, money to put gas in it, safe roads to travel.

Mobile appreciation also refers to my mobile phone. I try not to misuse my phone, and to keep things in balance, but I certainly give thanks for the ease of communication it provides, and also the writing space and storage it provides, in the palm of my hand.

Mobile appreciation reminds me to take gratefulness with me throughout my day. I start my morning with it and that is helpful. But there are many more hours in a day, and to take it with me is even more helpful. In simple pauses throughout the day. In intentional efforts to share with others. In a little note jotted on a random piece of paper. Simple efforts keep me moving in the right direction, gratefully.