Simple Action: Contribute, Don't Contaminate

Today I am grateful for co-workers I trust and for my son Sam and his even-keeled nature. (Most of the time anyway. He is a moody teen at times too.)

As I read through some of the early posts on "Habitual Gratitude," key words jump out at me.

Simple action. That is all that is required to start gratitude practice. Merely pausing and thinking about two things you are grateful for in this moment is a good start. Writing them down and/or sharing them with others are other simple actions to deepen the gratefulness. Simple actions, complex rewards. A more sustained calm. A deeper clarity.

Investment. Investment of time. Anything worth doing is worth the time I need to put in. Gratitude practice is worth doing and then some. It is an investment in the present that allows more peace with the past and more hope for the future.

Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. I grew up Catholic, adhering to Lenten practices. These days, I look at it more as an opportunity to give myself a challenge or a chance to gain awareness in helpful ways, or both.

I won't be giving up ice cream or chocolate this year. It seemed more of an opportunity to invest in the simple action of "contribute, don't contaminate." I can carry that idea with me throughout my day and I guarantee I will find ways to apply it. At home, work, at the store. Wherever I may be.

Contribute to my own positive thoughts. Contribute to a hopeful community and world. Simple actions to invest in a better day for myself and all I come in contact with.


  1. Simple - but powerful action. Thanks for inspiration.

    1. I shared the idea of "contribute, don't contaminate" with several people in the last couple days and it has resonated with each and every one of them.


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