A Day Full of Riches

Today I am grateful for the beauty and quietude of a snowfall and to be physically able to shovel it.

Each day is a day full of riches, if we are paying attention and taking note. I was doing just that yesterday and here are some of the things I noted:
  • extended time to talk with Sam as he and I drove a couple of hours together
  • appreciating his thoughts and ideas on things pertinent to his life
  • noticing the countryside as we traveled through southeast MN and into northeast Iowa
  • time to visit with my mom and just being with her for a time
  • homemade cinnamon rolls
  • safe travels on a 300-mile round trip 
  • sunshine in advance of a snowstorm
  • an opportunity to get a run in on clear roads and trails before it started to snow
  • the way the store Trader Joe's is set up and items we like there, especially their coffee
  • phone conversations with my sisters Aileen and Danita
  • the phrase "Real writers really write."  That makes me a real writer!
  • the idea of "maximum alertness" as another way to consider the idea of paying attention
  • patience 
  • good music on the radio
  • several poems to recite to an audience of three--me, myself, and I
  • a nice meal with just Darcy and I
Today is a new day. More riches await. With maximum alertness, I will receive more of those riches.
I wish the same for you. Have a good day! 


  1. Thanks Lisa - this is helpful. I will look for riches of the day.

    1. There seems to be an endless supply of them when I look. :-)


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