Remain Seated

Today I am grateful for the time to simply remain seated and soak up the present. I am also grateful for my friend Betsy, the time we spent together yesterday, and our shared conversation.

Yesterday was the kind of day you hope for when you have spring break. After a solid four days of gray skies to go with the gray landscape, yesterday was clear, no wind, highs in the comfortable sixties. It was the kind of day that beckoned me back outside when I had to go in for some reason.

It was the kind of day that suggested to me to remain seated. Enjoy it. Soak it up. So I listened.

I enjoyed a nice visit and walking around downtown and along the riverfront with Betsy.

I participated in a lovely time of sitting down in the sunshine on our front patio, listening to the birds and watching the golfers head out to the course across the street.

Remaining seated, cozy in the warm sunshine, I closed my eyes and rested them, along with all of me, for a few minutes.

I got our bikes ready to roll for the first time since last fall. Darcy and I had a nice first-of-the-season ride and stopped for ice cream.

This morning, the clouds are back. Sitting here taking it in, those clouds contributed to some beautiful colors in the sunrise.

How can I contribute today? Remaining seated for a bit longer this morning has put me in a calm mindset. That will help me contribute more, contaminate less. And when needed, I will pause, take a seat, and take in the moment I am in. Such a simple action can truly bring me back to a grounded and more even keel.

Simple actions. Complex rewards. I hope you experience both today.