I am a runner.

Today I am grateful for the connections I have the opportunity to make with the parents of students I work with. I am also grateful for safe travels for my husband Darcy this week and that he is back home.

I am a runner.

Four little words, but I sure have gotten a lot of mileage out of them. Pardon the pun. I am many things; daughter, sister, aunt, in-law, wife, mother, stepmother, grandma, counselor, friend, writer, recovering alcoholic, poet, listener, columnist, blogger, breast cancer patient. And I am a runner.

Running, like writing, has been woven throughout my life. It was a healthy outlet when my drinking was not. It gave me confidence when little else did. It inspires my writing and clears my head like nothing else can.

It is a wonderful passion and hobby to share with Darcy. We have shared many conversations over many miles. We have traversed new miles in distant cities and locales to cover 26.2 miles, finishing three marathons side by side.

Running keeps me healthy in far more than physical ways. It is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually invigorating for me as well.

Each step, each mile, each day I get to keep running is a gift. I am a runner. A deeply grateful one.


  1. Run on (and I don't mean sentences)!

  2. Running does the same for me. A time of creativity and peace.

    1. Runners seem to understand each other in this way. Non-runners think "grueling" and we think "gratifying." Thanks Steve!


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