Stomping Grounds

Today I am grateful for the phone conversations I had last evening with my sister Zita and my Aunt Helen. I am also grateful that Darcy and I understand each other the way we do.

Last week we took a couple days away and ended up in my old "stomping grounds." We drove through Brooklyn, Iowa. I had lived and worked there as a teacher and coach 25 years ago. I was struck by several things. First of all, how could 25 years have passed so quickly?

Secondly, much was the same, much had changed. And my memories had faded. We located the two places I lived while there, though the second one wasn't as easy to find as the first one was. We drove past the school I taught at and explored town a little before stopping at the new Casey's store and heading out of town.

I have driven back through Brooklyn several times since I left. I appreciate each time and the perspective I get.

As I was thinking about stomping grounds though, the word stomping kept getting my attention.
It sounds a little more gentle when used in the phrase "stomping grounds," but typically stomping doesn't seem too mild. It seems more of a harsh and pounding approach.

It made me consider this: Do I stomp through too many of my days, literally and figuratively? Rushing around expecting too much of myself? Pounding out steps to get from point A to point B without enjoying the gifts and observations in each step?

Today I will strive for less stomping, and a more gentle pace. I encourage you to do the same.


  1. Less stomping and possibly more meandering. Thanks.

  2. It's funny that you use the word meandering. This morning as I pondered this idea on my way to work, I came up with the same word. Less stomping, more meandering. I carried it with me for the first hours of the day and then forgot about it, but it made a difference. Thanks!


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