Today I am grateful for time spent with our grandson Leo and the ways he reminds me of life's simple joys.

Like the joy of going down slides. We watched him last evening for awhile so his mom Emily could go exercise. Though it wasn't the nicest day out, Darcy and Sam headed with him to the park a block away. I joined them after I cleaned up dinner dishes.

Leo has been especially excited to go down slides lately. "Slide!" This park has four of them and he gave them all a ride or two. And with the smaller ones, a climb up. Slides. One of life's simple pleasures. A joy ride, seen through the eyes of a toddler.

It was fun to spend a little time at the park. The cool mist didn't dampen Leo's enthusiasm. It will be a fun summer taking him to our many parks in town and trying out the various slides and other playground offerings.

It was a sentimental journey too. Uncle Sam is good with his little nephew and I love to watch them interact. It doesn't seem so long ago that we were with Sam at this same park, playing ball or going on the merry-go-round.

Life's joy rides take many forms. Each day has joy and joylets to offer. Let's all look for joy today.