The Road of Self-Pity

Today I am grateful for a moment to pause and gaze at the stars in the early morning sky. I am also grateful for the coffee mug I received from a friend and the kind message on it.

The road of self-pity is one I used to travel regularly. It was a well-worn path, and the pathways it created in my brain led to many negative thoughts. They compound and multiply when fed.

I had to create a new path, in my life and in my brain. I had to start feeding different thoughts.
Now, I travel the road of gratitude. It is a smoother, clearer path, but includes obstacles as well. They can't be entirely avoided, nor should they be. Obstacles are often our best teachers.

In my humanness, I sometimes detour from the road of gratitude. Thankfully, I usually don't get so far off the right track that I get lost. When I do stray, it's often just a day's walk back to gratitude road. I so appreciate the healthier perceptions of self and surrounding world that I find here.

The road of self-pity leads to a dead-end. The road of gratitude leads to new thoughts and endless possibilities.

Which road are you taking today?