Often Overlooked

Today I am grateful for my friend Deb. Happy birthday to you today my friend! I am also grateful for paper towels.

And I am grateful for the often overlooked luxury of nice chairs to sit in, and the climate controlled environments in which I do a lot of my sitting.

There are the matching recliners in our living room. I enjoy sitting in mine and watching the sunrise on weekend mornings. And I appreciate sharing coffee and conversation with Darcy, even if briefly, on weekday mornings. I am glad we have kept the recliner that we had when Sam was a baby. I cherish the memories of falling asleep with him on my chest as an infant. That recliner is relegated to the basement now, and is a little worse for wear, but it is a chair with some history.

I appreciate the chairs around our dining room table and the many family meals we have shared there over the years. Most recently, those meals are sometimes made more lively with the presence of our grandson Leo.  Several times a week, Darcy, Sam and I sit down to a meal together, with pesky little Oliver begging for scraps, and providing entertainment too.

The chair at my desk at work is nothing extravagant and has been around for a few years, but it works for me as I am working. Most days I don't spend too much time sitting at work, as my colleagues can attest. I appreciate the varied nature of my job and that I am physically capable of being up and around a lot.

Although I appreciate sitting indoors in comfort, away from the elements, my favorite place to sit is outside on our front patio. I appreciate the chairs there and Darcy for keeping it such an inviting space. I am looking forward to warmer weather and time to share with others in those front patio chairs.

Chairs are often overlooked. Not today.


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